Meet Nairely, AFG (Associate Fairy Godmother)

Get to know our new team of Associate Fairy Godmothers through their responses in the following interview. Last but not least is Nairely!

Q: What school did you go to and what did you study?

A: University of Central Florida, and I studied Creative Writing.

Q: Tell me about your current/former experience as a Disney Cast Member and what you've learned from it.

A: I've had many roles with Disney, most recently as a Guest Relations Hostess. Working here has taught me a lot, but the most important skills have been how to anticipate a person's needs and how to be flexible.

Q: What was the most memorable and magical experience that you've had as a Cast Member?

A: The most memorable experience I've had happened recently. I was able to help out a guest who wanted a Food and Wine t-shirt but was having a hard time tracking one down. She was celebrating being cancer-free and wanted to wear a Disney shirt for a future visit with her daughter. I was able to track one down with help from another cast member and she lit up! We let her have the shirt, on Mickey.

Q: What are you most excited for as an Associate Fairy Godmother with rêverie events?

A: I'm very excited to help couples make their special day a reality. I'm also looking forward to seeing couples' creativity in their wedding planning!

Q: Describe YOUR dream wedding. (Budget and partner's opinion are not an option)

A: My dream wedding is a simple one. I want something where I can celebrate with my family and friends, old and new.

Fun Facts about Nairely

Favorite Disney movie:

The Little Mermaid; Zootopia is my number 2.

*NSYNC or Backstreet Boys:

Oof... I'm gonna say *NSYNC

Top 3 Bucket List Items:

  1. Buy a house

  2. Get good enough at a circus skill that I can actually perform

  3. Become a published author/write a Disney movie or show

You'll be seeing a lot more of Nairely as our Associate Fairy Godmother assisting Jess for Shades of Green weddings and rêverie weddings all over Central Florida. If you see her in plaid as a Guest Relations Hostess, be sure to say hi!

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