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We're the Spencer's

your actual fairy godmother

Jess' start in events blossomed from owning and operating her family piano studio. After completing her degree in music for piano performance, her grandmother passed down the studio which Jess ran for 3 years. Through planning the studio's recitals and fundraisers, she realized her passion for event planning. Since 2014, Jess has organized events ranging from nonprofit to corporate, and Miami quinceañeras to special events at Walt Disney World. All the knowledge and experience she gained through each one helped her grow into the daydreamer that she is, and ultimately, find her true magic in planning and designing weddings as owner of her own business. A certified meeting/event manager and wedding planner, detail-oriented control freak (in the best way) and a huge lover of all things Disney, Jess thrives in creating a magical experience for her Couples and guests. 


Born and raised in Miami Lakes, Florida, Jess now calls central Florida her home. When not working all hours of the day growing her business and planning weddings, Jess is the ultimate childless millennial* with 2 fur babies and a hubby she adores. "Take me to Disney and we'll be THE best park buds, let me plan your wedding and we'll be BFFLs." ...swear on my Ellie badge :)

Jessica Reneé 

Executive Fairy Godmother








Visit all of the Disney parks around the world

Visit & stay at all Disney resorts around the world 

Go on a no-budget shopping spree


Build a tiny house

See all the Broadway shows

She was in every way our fairy godmother and helped us achieve our happily ever after.


the muscle behind the magic

Mix a dash of southern charm with a heaping helping of southern hospitality, then fold in* the irresistible need to make everyone feel like family. Add a sprinkle of pixie dust and hubby is ready to go to infinity and beyond to help our Couples and guests. (If an Austin recipe doesn’t tell you how southern he is, I don’t know what will.)


Austin was born and raised in a small town in South Carolina where working hard and treating people like family were ideals instilled at a very early age. He officially pulled the trigger to join the rêverie events team full time as of February 2022. Along with the day-to-day operation, Austin offers our Groom Concierge service where he specializes in all the things grooms don’t know and communicates it in their native language. When not working, he loves spending time in nature, watching ALL the sports, and playing video games....and hanging out with his wife and fur babies... because his wife told him to say that :)

Austin James

Executive Fairy Godfather








Visit all of the wonders of the world

Go skydiving 

Drive on the Autobahn with a really fast car

Run with the bulls

Go to all of the 32 NFL stadiums


*if ya know, ya know... we speak in pop culture references and tv/movie lines around here.

I know he took care of a ton of stuff I was unaware of, and that made it even better.


Beau Copper & Blue Magnolia

stress relief officers

Please accept their bios in the form of a photo dump...
because puppies. You're welcome :)



Jess & Austin meet and start dating. 

Jess & Austin get engaged, and begin to plan rêverie events' first wedding!



Jess takes the leap to become a full-time Fairy Godmother in February. Covid shuts down the world in March.

Austin takes the leap to become a full-time Fairy Godfather in February. 


Jess & Austin move to South FL. Business baby, rêverie events by Jessica Reneé, is born and registered in the state of FL as Jess' side hustle.



Jess & Austin get married, and move back to Central FL!


rêverie events triples our business from the previous year!

Our Love Story

When I think of a fairytale love story, immediately my mind goes to the countless stories of my childhood (and adult life) as told by Disney. However, there is one Disney love story in particular that stands out to me, and I may be a little biased because it is my own. Once upon a time...


2016 had a pretty rocky start for me. My grandmother "Nana" had been suffering with Alzheimer's for several years. She and I were always inseparable, being that I was the *favorite* granddaughter and she was my everything. She raised me as an infant, she taught me to play the piano and we spent most of our time together. Once she got sick though, everything started to change. 


Nana passed away rather suddenly on Mother's Day 2016. Although it felt like she was taken too soon, I had now gained a guardian angel who was always looking out for me. And this was proven to me a few months later, on July 9th, 2016.


After being on a waitlist for what felt like forever, I was finally offered a role in Special Events and Conventions at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. I was told that I needed to be there to accept the position within a week, so I quit my job, packed myself up and moved from Miami to Orlando to follow my dream of working for the Mouse. Turns out, Austin had just made a similar career move from South Carolina. 


July 9th was the first day of orientation -- "Traditions" as it is called. On my drive to Disney University, I was so nervous that I didn't know anyone and wanted to make a good impression. So I said a little prayer to my guardian angel. I said out loud: "Nana, please watch over me today. Help me to make new friends and to gain the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Please Nana, help me through this and stay by my side". Only a minute or two after I finished, I looked out of my window to see a double-rainbow shining through the clouds as if she was saying "I'm right here!" 


I was the first one in the room (too excited to contain myself). My table of 5 started to fill up one by one. And then Austin took the last seat in front of me. I'm not sure why or how I had this instant feeling, but for me it was pretty clear. Nana sent me my Prince Charming and it was love at first sight. 


Our first dates were trips to the parks. Austin being the Disney newbie and me being the passionate Disney enthusiast, I was his personal VIP tour guide through the resort and we had a blast. It was on our date to Epcot a few weeks later that Austin formally asked me to be his girlfriend during the Illuminations fireworks show. Two years later we got engaged at the Disney Vacation Club Hilton Head Resort in South Carolina in the company of our parents, siblings and our firstborn furbaby, Beau. This was a rare occasion due to the long distance between families so it made this moment even more special. We were both so nervous during the proposal, he walked too far, rambled on and on and neither of us could tell you what he even said. We both blacked out.  

Marriage is definitely our greatest adventure. Austin and I were married on Nana's birthday, February 15th, 2019 without a dry eye around. 


...and we lived happily ever after.


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