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Big Hero 6 at Morimoto Asia

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

There is not a single venue in the Orlando area that has an ambiance and interior design quite like that of Morimoto Asia. The chandeliers (which are made of shells that Chef Morimoto handpicked from his home country…[what?!]), the venue’s story as the bottling company of Disney Springs, and the modern architecture—this place is unmatched. But did you know that you can get married here? Probably not. Morimoto Asia is a hidden gem of a wedding and/or reception venue. Located in the heart of Disney Springs, it has a second story of event space and an outdoor balcony available for private events complete with its own sushi bar.…(oh, and it’s owned by Iron Chef Morimoto). Need I go on?

When designing a wedding inspired by a Disney movie in this space, I wanted to stay true to the restaurant’s culture, modernism, and color palette. There was no other movie that fit the bill other than Big Hero 6. Can you picture it? No? Let me take you on a little brain journey.

We used as much of the restaurant’s existing furniture, tableware, and decor as we could. The best part about that—it’s included in your rental (cha ching). Some bold florals in reds, pinks and purples brought this vision to life. There was absolutely no greenery in any of our floral arrangements and if you ask me, it’s next level genius.


The ceremony florals had spray painted dried palms that made you think of the Asian culture. The existing angular chairs reminded me of Baymax’s wings when in his super hero armor. PS: there are multiple options for where to host your ceremony depending on your guest count, ceremony date/time and budget. Yay for options!


The private dining room on the second floor is completely adjustable based your guest count. Not only do the dividers and tables adjust to open/close and change shape, the balcony window can open to overlook the entire restaurant and the memorable chandeliers. To decorate our dining table, all of the existing restaurant tableware was completely appropriate (and included in your rental). We simply dressed it up with the floral centerpiece as well as customized geometric stationery matching our geometric napkin rings. Pssst, do those napkin rings and the origami place card holders remind you of anything? Totally went for the microbot vibe….you know, just Hiro’s greatest invention and basis of the whole movie. NBD.


Finally, we have some slight nods to Baymax in the fashion choices, most notably for the bride. We went with a simple satin ball gown but notice the two lines giving her shape up at the top? Just like Baymax’s armor. Her earrings were a fanlike shape symbolic of the Asian culture but also, looking like Baymax’s wings.

If you hadn’t seen the movie before or you weren’t that familiar with it, you totally could not tell that there’s Disney-inspired elements in here (but there is, and I’m here for it). Welcome to nerd school, daydreamers!

Thank you to the Vendor Team that made this magic with us:

Planning + Design: rêverie events by Jessica Reneé

Photographer: Emma Anne Photo

Venue + Catering: Morimoto Asia

Cake + Desserts: LuBelle’s Cakes

Stationery: Two Peas Paper Co.

Bride model: Bri

Groom model: Duy

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