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What's in my Emergency Kit

We all know that one of the many perks to hiring a wedding planner is the fact that they come OVERprepared for your wedding day, right? Literally anything that could possibly happen, we have the fix. I like to think of mine as a Mary Poppins bag full of magic and wonder and all things you would have NEVER thought of as a "you never know" situation.

Allow me to blow your minds for a quick second...

(your face should look like Jane and Michael when I'm done)

rêverie events emergency kit

First of all, I break up my kits into two separate cases. The little one is my caboodle and it houses all of my DIY-fix-it-crafty things for anything that may not do what it's supposed to on the day of.

  • pens / pencils

  • sharpies

  • chalk marker

  • twine

  • fishing line

  • safety pins

  • gorilla glue

  • hot glue gun

  • glue sticks

  • glue dots

  • zip ties.... my dad would be proud of me for this one


  • wire cutters

  • floral tape and wire

  • flower shears

  • floral adhesive

  • flower stripper (shoutout to my favorite florist, AMD, for teaching me about this)

  • boutonniere pins

  • safety pins

  • emergency spot light

Then my bigger kit takes it's shape in the form of a hardshell carry on luggage, and has even survived a trip on an airplane for a destination wedding. (I was so worried about it exploding on that trip but now, I'm so proud of my little suit case). I separate everything into individually packed bags with a beautiful label (cue my inner Amy Santiago / Leslie Knope).

For general wedding cleanup / execution needs:

  • paper towels

  • Clorox wipes

  • trash bags (large and medium sized)

  • citronella candles

  • hand sanitizer refill

  • latex gloves (sizes M and XL for me and hubby)

  • masks

  • cake knife set

  • lighters

  • balloon ribbon and weights

  • first aid kit

  • packing tape

For the bride and her girls:

  • set of 7 pretty white wooden hangers (for dress photos)

  • steamer

  • manicure set

  • sewing kit (but please don't ask me to use it)

  • tissues

  • hair ties

  • bobby pins

  • compact mirror

  • fashion/body tape

  • spray-on deodorant

  • flushable wipes

  • individual antibacterial hand wipes

  • individual makeup wipes

  • tide to go

  • tampons

  • bug spray

  • hair spray

  • Advil

  • cough drops

  • listerine strips

  • contact solution

For the groom and his guys:

  • spray-on deodorant

  • bug spray

  • Advil

  • cough drops

  • tissues

  • Neosporin

  • contact solution

  • individual antibacterial hand wipes

  • tide to go

  • shaving cream

  • razors

There she is ya'll, my inner Leslie Knope. What do you think of my emergency kit inventory? Let me know if there's something on the list that surprised you or if there's something I should definitely add to it...

(I love adding to my's like school supply shopping. Everyone loves school supply shopping.)


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