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Ariel Lake Elopement

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Covid got us under the weather? Nahhhh, but we’ll go under the sea. (If you didn’t laugh at that, I’m not sure we can be friends because I’m hilarious).

Many #covidcouples that had to postpone their weddings once, twice, even thrice have turned to the ever-growing-in-popularity-right-now elopement. I don’t blame them! When the universe keeps trying to knock you down and you just want to be married, you should just. get. married. Because what’s more romantic than a couple committing their lives to each other? Not much…other than a couple committing their lives to each other no matter what stands in their way.

So, with our magic wands full of Disney-inspired pixie dust that you’ve grown to love us for (or will by the time you finish reading this)…we give you an elopement inspired by The Little Mermaid, with subtle nods that are so clearly Disney, yet so… not.

Instead of the expected beach scene, we went for a lake. Still keeping the water element for our beloved mermaid, but with a twist. Veteran’s Memorial Park in Sanford, FL gave us the perfect spot on dry land with the perfect view of Lake Monroe. Imagine Price Eric docking his ship to search for the mermaid that saved him, only it’s a sail boat docked in the marina creating a unique backdrop for some couple portraits. And the sunset? Let’s just say, it was “the bubbles”.

The florals and decor were as simple as simple can get, allowing us to embrace the theme on a smaller (and cost effective) scale. Instead of a traditional bridal bouquet, the bride held a DIY floral hoop adorned with silk flowers in our bright, mermaid color palette. This made for some easy hand holding and vow making. On a bed of imaginary sand (aka, sand-colored tulle) were a few nautical vases with some more silk flowers, moss, a starfish and our favorite singing crab. (The crab is a drawer knob: true story. Thank you Hobby Lobby!)

The most important piece of our vision was the bride’s dress from the 2021 Allure x Disney Weddings collection. Reminding us of the purple sparkly dress that Ariel wore at the end of the original animated movie, Allure’s Style D280 is playful and sparkling with a subtle train. Different from the ever popular mermaid style gown for all things Ariel-inspired, this gown was meant to be part of our world.

I've got all the gadgets and gizmos for ya'll. Just call me on my shell phone.....OK, I'm done ;]

Thank you to the Vendor Team that made this magic with us:

Planning, Design & DIY: rêverie events by Jessica Reneé

Location: Veteran's Memorial Park in Sanford, FL

Bridal Boutique: Lily's Bridal

Bride model: Kia Shaw

Groom model: Alex Fishman

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