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Shades of Green Era

Well, here we are. 29 months and 94 weddings later, saying goodbye to our Shades of Green era.

Thank you to all the military sponsors. Whether the bride/groom or a family member of the couple, we are grateful for your service to our country and for being the key to unlocking this venue for our couples.

Thank you to all our SOG couples. I am so honored to have been a part of so many magical wedding days and I wish you nothing but continued love, laughter and happily ever afters.

Thank you to our SOG vendors. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you week after week. Austin and I sincerely appreciate how seamlessly you accepted us as a part of the team when we first started this venture and look forward to continuing to nurture our working relationships elsewhere.

Thank you to Nate of Felix and Fingers for recommending us to take on this role and for making the introduction that changed the trajectory of our business.

Thank you to Shades of Green. I am so grateful for the opportunity and all the experience earned during our partnership. It means a lot to Austin and I to have had a chance to hone in on our craft and to have made a difference for the sales/banquets teams as well as for our couples. Shades of Green will always hold a very special place in our story and we are eternally grateful for the time we had.

Last but certainly not least...

Thank you to my husband, my other half, the Fairy Godfather to my Fairy Godmother...Austin. I wouldn't have made it this far without you by my side and taking over all responsibilities for our couples at Shades of Green in 2022. You went from a timid, unsure but willing assistant to a thriving and confident wedding coordinator (and planner!) in your own right. The change was so impressive, so much so that I'm pretty sure you were more well-liked than me at SOG! Your experience there not only improved us as a company, but improved us as a team and I am so excited to keep growing in this industry with you. Proud of how far you've come and how much you've accomplished, my love!

Mickey, see ya real soon, pal!

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